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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queires, Answered Queerly

Do I have to be queer to attend?

No, but, we expect many of our members likely are.

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

Look at our Meetings & Updates page for any upcoming events. We meet on campus (in person) during the school year, and may meet during summers (online). Technically, nothing is required of you but bringing yourself, but we recommend you RSVP (so we know how many to expect) by reacting to our RSVP-asks in Discord.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Not to attend! But you must be a member to vote on our reading selections. All being a member entails is that you are a UCLA Student who has attended or wants and plans to attend a club meeting! And anyone interested in the club is welcome to engage with the discord.

How often does LGBTQ+ Bruin Book Club meet?

We plan to meet at least 2-3 times per quarter. This usually means we will meet approximately about every three to five weeks (depending on availability and length of book). But, we've been discussing meeting more often, to discuss the half way point of each book we read. Look out for more info on that soon. All meetings should be in person unless stated otherwise.

What way is best for staying updated?

We recommend you choose as many ways to stay updated. Instagram will collapse all events into one easy space, but by joining the Discord you not only get the quickest updates, and help us plan when to meet, but this is also where we vote on our next book selection (through reactions) and you can engage in any amount of community tabs for more fun! Joining our newsletter will give you summary updates every once in a while, although we haven't set this up yet so please consider connecting through alternative methods.

Links to our Instagram are on any page (just find the icon, in the top right or at the bottom). Access to our newsletter and Discord is available on our Join Us page.

How many books do you read?

We plan to read at least 1-3 books per quarter, with the aim of at least 2, but sometimes reading a book in between quarters or over breaks. It's also very possible we may have smaller secondary optional reads such as a poetry anthology, graphic novels, and/or short stories.

What kind of things do you read?

Whatever it is - it must be queer! That said, we expect to read more fiction than non-fiction, more adult than young-adult, and all our main reads will be novels or novellas. Although, It's very possible we may have smaller secondary optional reads such as poetry or graphic novels. Diversity in all forms will be encouraged. And, ultimately, what we read is what our members want to be reading most! Plus, once we've read something, it will show up here, on the website, through the Meetings & Updates page. 

How do I vote for the books I want for club?

Coming to club will allow you to suggest which books you want to see in our next vote! Voting occurs, after each main book club meeting, in the Discord server, and only "members" (see below for more info) can vote in the book selection process.

How do you get the member role? All being a "member" means is that you are someone who has attended book club frequently or plans on attending a meeting soon, which then means you can grab the "@members" role in our discord #members-role channel. This will give you access to our #book-vote channel where all book selection votes will occur (This channel is invisible without the role)!

Reach out to us for anything else you'd like answered!

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